Shopify SEO Tips – That Helps To Make Your Site Better

Can your eCommerce website survive without search engine optimization? Not in today’s world. SEO has become one of the deciding factors contributing to a website’s popularity. If you do not have a desirable search engine ranking, you are making too making mistakes with your website. Thankfully, because of SEO’s indispensable nature, it has become part of almost all website hosting and management platforms. For a site owner who uses Shopify to run his eCommerce store, managing SEO is a lot easier. In order to improve your Shopify SEO, you can make use of the following practices and see a surge in traffic.

Title Tags    
When someone is organically searching for products on a search engine, he expects to find some basic information on the search engine results page (SERP), reading which he will decide whether to visit the site. It is precisely for this reason that Title Tags are very important. The words (and keywords) used in title tags help search engines read about a web page. When you are writing title tag, keep in mind –

·         Important keywords must be placed closest to the title, as they help in improving ranking.

·         First keyword used in the title tag is very important. You must consciously choose which keyword to place in the beginning and which at the end.

·         Do not write a long title tag because 70 characters are all that most search engines display on their results page.

·         Keywords are important in title tags but make sure you have a readable title and not just a bunch of keywords optimized for search engines!

Shopify has an easy to use interface for Title Tags.

Meta Descriptions  
Meta descriptions might not be directly helpful in improving your search engine rankings but they play a very important role in attracting probably customers. Ideally Meta descriptions should read like an ad copy – they should be informative and appealing.

You can easily incorporate Meta descriptions, not only for your home page, but all other product pages, by clicking on Preferences > General Settings > Shop Description.

You must remember that search engines do not list more than 140 characters as Meta descriptions, so be precise with your text.

Alt Tags    
Another feature that allows Shopify users to improve their SEO is Alt Tags. These are the tags that are specifically designed for describing contents of a picture. With the help of Alt Tags, you can describe every image in your web store (and you will have many product images!). Alt Tags are useful as they help your product images rank better in Google’s image search.

You can insert Alt Tags while uploading product images in Shopify. All you need to do is click on the ALT link on product images and insert your text.

Emphasis on Content  
By now you must be familiar with the saying “content is king”. When we talk about SEO, content is truly the king because better content means better rankings and thus more traffic. You can have good content in your product description, blog post, collection text and basically anywhere which needs a crisp description. Do not forget to use keywords while creating content!

Shopify is one of the easiest platforms for running an eCommerce store. The above features only help to make your store better.

In this write-up we discuss some of the Shopify features that help improve search engine rankings. These features can be used by shopify SEO experts and shop owners.  These are the basics features to optimize a shopify store.  These features are available in the shopify.For intense optimization you need to hire a shopify SEO expert.


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