How to Find a PPC Expert for your Business

Are you seeking an expert PPC agency for management of your account? Choosing one is not an easy task. There are scores, if not hundreds, of self-proclaimed PPC experts in the market. Therefore, how do you make an optimum choice with regard to who to trust your money with? What you need is a PPC ninja and not someone with average skills. Mentioned below are nine ways to tell if a PPC expert is truly an expert and how to spot a true “PPC ninja.”

What is the Expert’s Business IQ?

No one desires a ninja that is stupid. A smart and intelligent ninja knows his objective inside out and how to effectively navigate the booby traps and obstacles that exist between him and his goal. The same applies to PPC experts. High impression scores, click counts, conversion rates, and high-quality scores do not necessarily translate into business profitability. A PPC expert primarily focuses on driving profits and using numerous other metrics as a tool for accomplishing this task.

Do they have the Nerve to tell you “No”?

You would want a PPC ninja to assist you in designing and executing a winning strategy. The ideal PPC expert India recognizes when a strategy is unlikely to achieve success and is ready to say “no” if your requests get in the way of achieving results. Simultaneously, their job is to effectively figure out how to ensure success when it comes to online marketing.

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What are the Prices that they Charge?

When it comes to PPC advertising, you eventually get what you initially paid for. Excellent PPC management takes time. By paying more, you will obtain concrete results.

What are their Views on MS-Excel?

Each PPC tool available in the market, including AdWords, has a set of limitations to the data that it can provide. An excellent PPC expert is efficient in integrating multiple data sets and utilizing that info for driving results. Do you want to know if your chosen PPC expert is a ninja? Question them with regard to carrying out data analysis.

Are they Ready to Admit Failure?

PPC ninjas are not afraid to fail. They have effectively been around the block sufficient times to realize that not all missions play out as planned. “Wannabe ninjas” are afraid that someone will eventually discover their incompetence. Questioning about failure is a simple way for testing a PPC expert. A PPC expert who is not afraid to discuss past mistakes will also be thoroughly confident to inform you about aspects that they are struggling with when it comes to your campaigns.

Do they understand the Sales Process?

Ninjas gel well with others. They understand that to achieve success in online marketing team effort is essential. The success of a PPC campaign in most cases is based on the ability to close leads by the respective sales team. Ninjas come up with ways for improving the transition from click to conversion. If you want to witness the magic, hire an SEO Agency London who is interested in making sales for you through PPC and SEO.

Are they Simple to Understand?

It takes an extremely deep level of understanding for communicating complex principles in a clear and simple manner. A PPC ninja knows the ins and outs of his craft so well that he can successfully explain his brilliance in terms that anyone can comprehend.

Are they considered Accountable?

After availing the services of a PPC expert, you need not have to wonder about your PPC campaign’s performance or what strategy is being designed to take matters to the next level. Your PPC ninja should possess a roadmap that clearly outlines goals and timelines along with preparing reports with regard to the progress of campaigns.

What does their Toolbox appear like?

A PPC ninja has scores of tools to try out regardless of the situation. If these tools fail, they have got a wide range of tricks to choose from. If a self-proclaimed PPC expert has a limited repertoire of strategies to implement or an approach that is largely one-size-fits-all, he or she is definitely not an expert. Ingenuity and flexibility are the signs of a PPC ninja.


There are plenty of self-proclaimed “PPC experts” out there; however, it is well worth the effort for tracking down a PPC ninja. Ask the appropriate questions, and ensure you hire a ninja.


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